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Harry Pinkall Harry Pinkall from Hamburg wrote on 12th August 2019 at 3:52 pm:
Hi there, this is actually my second entry here. I never cease to enjoy this station with all the wonderful music. However - lately (I think it started 2 weeks ago) I regularly hear these horrible commercials. It seems they are even customized - I live in Hamburg and I keep hearing commercials referring to Hamburg. Even worse - sometimes songs are cut off before they end just to have some silly voice blabbering about ALDI-Frischeknaller der Woche...Uuugh...Why did this start?
Admin Reply by: ISKC Radio
Hi Harry,

Thank you for your reaction. It was a test which is now ended. We have restored the old situation. You must restart your browser or link!

Please let us know if it's ok now.
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