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We do receive a lot of new Albums, EP’s and Songs here at The ones that fit our format, are added to our programming. Every week we air 75 songs from the albums listed below:

These new Albums, EP’s and Songs are in the Spotlight:


Lazuli – Le Fantastique Envol de Dieter Bohm
Inner Odyssey – The Void
Hopescure – Nostalgia
Hibiscus Biscuit – Reflection Of Mine
TIRDUS – Redux
Shaku – Maku
Elysian Fields – Revelation
Drowning Steps – The Echo of a Distant Past
Rick Miller – Belief In The Machine
Hey Jester – Hey Jester

Singles / Promo’s

Mariusz Duda – The Song Of A Dying Memory
Misty Shape – I’m A Bank Robber
Virgil Donati – The Last Night That I Lived
Sudler’s Row – Silk Road II
Pohja Konn – Hetk (Feat. Vox Clamantis & Estonian Cello Ensemble)
One And A Half Dog – Fire In The Hole
Get Back – Roll Back Home

For more information on some of these bands, visit our Artists page.