Blind Ego


Following the successful studio album „Liquid” and the magical live CD/DVD at Loreley recorded in the pouring rain, BLIND EGO are back with a new album. And boy is there a new storm headed your way. Forged in the fire of two successful club headliner tours and various festivals, the BLIND EGO line-up has proven consistent and become what is probably one of the most tight-knit, hardest rocking bands on the circuit. And it’s this stability that you can hear and feel on the new tracks. For with stability comes a sense of identity. And with identity comes the self-esteem to stand taller, push further and … rock harder. Listen to a few songs and you’ll know exactly what Kalle means when he says “For me, this band is pure raw energy”.

The album’s title „Preaching to the Choir“ has different meanings, on different levels. When applied to the band Kalle Wallner says “It’s about blind understanding. When you get the right people on board, there is no need for lengthy explanations. You just hit the recording button. And when you then give the right musicians the right music … that’s when they help you take it to the next level.” No need to convince anybody, no discussions. And no compromises are necessary. You just pump it out.”

When it comes to writing the music for BLIND EGO „Preaching to the Choir“ takes on a different meaning. „A lot of bands stick to their comfort zone, giving their fans exactly what they’ve come to expect. The album’s title is a reminder to explore and trust my own development and not be afraid to challenge the fans.“ And the new album keeps that promise sporting less of a progressive feel and even showing the band to have several radio compatible songs up their sleeve. Whether it’s the Metal-like brute pounder „Massive“ or „Lines in the Sand“ with its modern spacy groove in the verse, BLIND EGO are versatile enough to go where the song takes them. While festival crowds have the head-bopping „In Exile“ to look forward to, “Burning Alive“ is almost a Pop-song. BLIND EGO shows genres for what they are: Superfluous.

Looking back to the first album in 2007, the sound and songwriting have taken enormous leaps with every album. All striving, pushing, excelling to capture the true essence and sound Kalle Wallner has in mind at that time. His growth as a musician and as a human being have now found their outlet and climax in “Preaching to the Choir”. While almost all of the material still stems from Kalle, the input from the other members is apparent. As congruent styles mix, new sides to the music emerge: an uncompromising straight-forwardness, a chest pounding, uncontainable wild strength counterbalancing the fine sense of melancholy and contemplation. They’re a rock band with all guns blazing, yet grown-up enough to take their finger off the trigger at just the right moments. There is no loud without silent, no hard without soft.

While preserving his progressive roots, Kalle Wallner’s writing has always packed a killer straight punch to the gut while never sacrificing more complicated time signatures or chord progressions to keep the head game going. A tough balance to keep. And one that he easily masters. Wallner’s versatility has the band leaning into neck-crushing hard rock riffs, on to a fine-footed groove over a progressive soundscape, immediately back to pumping iron, and then all but slam on the brakes for a gut-wrenching guitar ballad. Wallner’s true virtuosity is that he doesn’t need to prove it anymore.
As for the lyrics, Scott has mostly taken on the task of completing the words to the music. „It was a matter of giving me what I need to tap into the emotions that fuel my fire“. Whether it’s the invigorating „Burning alive“ with its carpe diem outcry or the crushing realization in „Dark Paradise“ about pouring your whole heart into a relationship doomed to fail.

„Preaching to the Choir“ is a true story of losing a battle but winning the war, enduring destruction to enjoy rebirth. It’s about real life. And it’s a glimpse into the souls of these musicians.


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