It is a calling to manifest what exists only in the ether and the deep need to honor a vision. Thematic is a band of creative minds who collectively share this calling and the desire to share their passion with the world through their music and story.

Skyrunner, the group’s forthcoming release, is a concept album that tells of a hero’s quest to honor a promise. It is a tale of an epic journey through the fall from grace, the battle for redemption and the ultimate glory and tragedy of salvation. It is a story of honor and valor, of a tormented soul and his quest to restore the light of hope and love to a world and soul consumed by darkness. It is a story of a promise kept.

Skyrunner was self-engineered by Thematic and mixed and mastered by award-winning producer, Forrester Savell (Karnivool, Animals as Leaders, Twelve Foot Ninja, I am Giant)


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