“Wilderun lives in the best of many worlds, balancing orchestral, epic metal with folky strains and wandering—with a gusto—into black metal territory, or even thrashy melodeath….’Sleep at the Edge of the Earth’ is imperious….something so majestic that I can already confidently assert that it will be jostling for first place in my Top 10 o’ 2015.” – Angry Metal Guy (2015 Record of the Year)

“Vast instrumentation, insane playing and enough hooks to go fishing with” – Metal Injection

“(‘Sleep at the Edge of the Earth’ is) a totally out-of-nowhere progressive metal masterpiece and in my mind a strong contender for album of the year.” – Arctic Drones

“Wilderun has given us a magical ride through progressive metal and symphonic folk metal” – Headbang or GTFO

“’Sleep at the Edge of the Earth’ is nothing short of breathtaking, and should be required listening for any and all fans of extreme metal.” – Dead Rhetoric

“There are few moments more satisfying as a music writer (and fan) than being blindsided and absolutely floored by a previously unknown musical entity bursting out of the woodwork and delivering an album of the emotional depth and magnitude of ‘Sleep at the Edge of the Earth’.” – Teeth of the Divine

“How (‘Sleep at the Edge of the Earth’) is only their second album I don’t know, and frankly I don’t believe it. That a band on album two can put something like this out really leaves no excuse for bands with an extensive back catalogue. The young bands of today are offering up some serious competition and bands like Wilderun are high in the pack.” – Sound The Charge

Veil of Imagination is an exceptional demonstration of metal embracing the sublime. With their debut and sophomore albums, Wilderun established themselves as one of the most exciting young voices in modern progressive metal, blending the grandiosity of folk and symphonic metal with the sonic depth of melodeath.

There were clear parallels with Opeth and Wintersun, along with a host of other folk and pagan metal mainstays like Eluveitie, Ensiferum, Equilibrium, and so on. And yet, Wilderun still established their own identity, which they’ve developed further on Veil of Imagination. It’s their most fully-realized version of this formula and reaches cinematic heights you might hear on a Devin Townsend album. It’s a stunning, gorgeous exercise in prog metal songwriting that will surely make its mark long after this year.

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