Space Renegades


They come from Helsinki playing some kind of cosmic garage and noisy prog-rock. The debut album ‘Summer Destroyer’ was released on 2015 and now the second album is finally finished and will be released in the fall os 2019.

This is melancholic music for crate diggers, truth seekers, young lovers and psychedelic weirdos. Space Renegades mixes old scifi-soundtracks and garage pop with broadway-doom and noise. There’s gardens of heavenly vintage synths and buzzing guitars to keep you dreaming.

The members’ other bands have a wide range from black metal to indie-folk and punk such as: Daniel Lioneye, Atletico Kumpula, Ihmepoika, Enochian Crescent, Moi!, Saaret etc.

Members: Janne Friman (vocals, guitar), Ili Marttinen (bass), Mikko Karppanen (drums), JP Saari (guitar) and Kasperi Teittinen (keyboards and synths)


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