Out of a coma of twenty years and a death given for sure, Galaad came back to life in 2016. The year 2017 following the reunion, the public has already had the opportunity to see them perform on several stages, including at the Chant du Gros du Noirmont Festival 2017. At the end of September of that year, this group, originally from the Swiss Jura, released a new title on the download platforms, the song “Merci [puR]”. Premiere of a new generation of compositions, leading to the creation of a third studio album, “Merci [puR]” is in the succession of the cult album “Vae Victis”, published in 1996. The group s’ is produced nearly 200 times on stage between 1988 and 1996

Galaad, created in Moutier in 1988, is first and foremost a story of childhood friends transformed into a musical and human adventure. Autodidactes at their beginning, the musicians associate around the desire to play their own repertoire. From songs inspired by Genesis, Marillion or Angel at the time of “First February”, the first album (1993), the band transcends its influences and proposes, with “Vae Victis”, a unique album, internationally acclaimed: a magma of sounds and emotions mixed up, a fiery and ardent fire of flesh touched in the deep characterizes it. The French song is poetic and focused on the sounds, the music is rock see metal, pop, trend crossover (Faith No More). In early 1997, the band disappears from radar. It will be found 20 years later.

The new album FRAT3R is mostly quite straightforward and accessible.


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