Cosmograf is a progressive rock project lead by Robin Armstrong, a multi instrumentalist musician from Waterlooville, England. The Cosmograf sound is rooted in 70’s classic rock with a contemporary and progressive twist with obvious influences from classic progressive rock such as Pink Floyd, Yes and Genesis, but with more contemporary flavours from bands such as Porcupine Tree, Muse, and Radiohead.

Robin plays guitar, keyboards, bass and drums, sings, and records, producing himself and fellow collaborating musicians, in his own self built music studio ‘The Trees’. Cosmograf tracks feature guest musicians from the progressive rock community performing and contributing to each album.

Captivated as a teenager by Deep Purple’s fusion of Heavy Rock with Baroque intros and lead lines, Robin often utilises a blend of classical music and contemporary rock music to provide a fusion of progressive rock that polarises audiences and demands attention. The albums are built around concepts, rejecting the constraints and conventions of radio friendly rock music. Every song is as long as it needs to be, often spanning genres from classical, through to electronica, rock and metal and incorporating influences and soundscapes normally associated with film scores.

Cosmograf was born in 2008 when Robin produced his first home demo album, leading later to the release of ‘Freed of the Anguish’ in 2009. The next release When Age Has Done Its Duty captured the attention of the progressive rock community, and the press leading to a Limelight nomination in the PROG magazine awards.


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