Supersister Project


Following the “Hour of the Wolf” documentary “The Wizard of the Lower Pop” *), Robert Jan Stips wrote a new CD full of new music, surprisingly fitting into the mindset of his first band: SUPERSISTER.

In honor of the band whose bassist Ron van Eck and flutist Sacha van Geest left Deez’s nature very early, RJ invited, in addition to primal drummer Marco Vrolijk, many friends from his 50 years of active music life and took them under the name ‘SUPERSISTER PROJEKT 2019 ‘the CD / LP’ RETSIS REPUS ‘and then performed it live twice in April this year with the complete 12-man occupation in Het Paard – The Hague and Paradiso – Amsterdam.

Because these Super Concerts were so good, fun and successful, it was decided to offer more people the chance to experience this unique event live. That is why a festively large SUPERSISTER PROJEKT 2019 concert is scheduled for another five-star all-star line-up in Musis Sacrum – Arnhem on 5 December this year.

Primal-Supersister drummer Marco Vrolijk, further on drums Cesar Zuiderwijk, Rob Kloet, Leon Klaasse, Rob Wijtman, on bass Rinus Gerritsen and Bart Wijtman, violin: Marieke Brokamp & Thijs Kramer, trombone: Bart van Gorp & Junior Huygen, keys Robert Jan Stips and Peter Calicher and in addition to RJS vocals: Henk Hofstede, Joke Geraets and Freek de Jonge. In addition, as an extra special run-up to this, an exclusive club tour is planned here in October, a delegation streamlined to 4-man-formation with Robert Jan (keys / vocals) Stips, Marieke (violin) Brokamp, ​​Bart (bass) Wijtman and Leon (drums) Klaasse plays a mix of well-known old SUPERSISTER and new RETSIS REPUS material. Per concert, co-guest musicians can undoubtedly present a surprise act …


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