Slug Comparison


Slug Comparison is the solo project of Fen vocalist/guitarist Doug Harrison. Known for blending darkness and light, acoustic and electric, Harrison first deepened his exploration of these elements with a 2014 solo album that felt like a Part II to Fen’s acclaimed album Trails Out Of Gloom.

The recordings came together over a two year period. They featured drummer Randall Stoll (KD Lang, Tom Cochrane), bassist Mike Young (Devin Townsend, Fen) and producer Mike Southworth (Fen). While similar to Trails Out Of Gloom, the self-titled Slug Comparison revealed Harrison’s growth as a vocalist and songwriter, experimenting with techno-industrial sounds in “Bringer of Doom,” using overt vocal character in “Evil Walks,” and surpassing himself compositionally with the multi-layered, multi-movement, anti-war epic, “Long Live the Night.”

In May 2017, he started self-releasing a series of EPs. After the fourth one, Rock Company, a record label from the Netherlands, offered to put the songs out as an album. Harrison recorded two more songs, and in January 2019 a second Slug Comparison album was released, “When You Were Living Here.”

So far Slug Comparison has been Album of the Week on DPRP radio, featured on Something for the Weekend? and ranked #3 and #30 respectively on Top Albums of 2014 lists by The Rickter Scale and The RingMaster Review. In a collaboration with Swedish filmmaker, Peter Wiholm, Slug Comparison released a video for the song, “Bringer of Doom.”

Starting in May 2017, I was recording and releasing the songs a few at a time, as EPs. Then a record label from The Netherlands, Rock Company, came along and wanted to put the songs out as an album. So it has been done: all four EPs (IIa, IIb, IIc, and IId), plus two brand new songs are available on CD and as a download.


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