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Week 48

Decemberists – I’ll Be Your Girl
Adaen – Virginity
David Sylvian – Pulling Punches
Happy The Man – Morning Sun
Fates Warning – Exodus
Starfish64 – Mr. O’ Brayne
Teramaze – A Deep State Of Awake
Rainbow – Stone Cold
Catherine Ribeiro & Alpes – Roc Alpin
Gotthard – Feel What I Feel
Neal Morse – Interlude
Morrighans – Schizophrenia
Ultravox – I Am Alive
Fish On Friday – Murderous Highland Highway
Shagohod – The Treading Behemoth
Tammatoys – I Will Follow
Michell Guzman – Atlantropa (Radio Edit)
Def Leppard – Foolin’ (Live)
Opeth – Death Whispered A Lullaby (Live At Shepherd’s Bush Empire)
Blue Oyster Cult – Dancing In The Ruins
Geordie – House Of The Rising Sun
Omega – Sze-Vosztok
Long Distance Calling – Voices
Dixie Chicks – Pink Toenails
Andrew Roussak – Left Alone Outside
Arena – Tears In The Rain
Votum – Home
Stranglers – Duchess
Paul Simon – You Can Call Me Al
Jordan Rudess – Just for Today
Woodleg Odd – Foot Fetish
Alter Bridge – Blackbird
NDV – Turn Your Life Around
Kayak – Hunter And Prey
Paul Sadler – Sketches Of Nothing
Q 65 – Sexy Legs
King Crimson – Sex Sleep Eat Drink Dream
Pasha Hristova – Stay
Rosenkreutz – Imaginary Friend
Gazpacho – Fleeting Things
Days Between Stations – Another Day
Kimono Drag Queens – Hunters In The Snow
Rush – Workin’ Them Angels
Deep Purple – A Gypsy’s Kiss
Hawkwind – Sex Dreams
Liquid Wolf – Toenails
Toc – Blue Lady
Legacy Pilots – Dreamers
Trapt – Disconnected (Out Of Touch)
Diagonal – Child Of The Thunder-Cloud
Beatles – Sexy Sadie
Arcology – Warping Space
Subsignal – Stars Don’t Shine
Yes – Close To The Edge
Haken – Carousel
Pink Floyd – Dogs
Credo – Cardinal Sin
Porcupine Tree – Buying New Soul
Salva – Coma

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