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Week 21, (Sunday 6PM Rotterdam Time)

Earth & Fire – Seasons
Crown Lands – Citadel
Palimpsest – Miss You
Haken – Elephants Never Forget
Crimson Glory – Lady Of Winter
Boston – Forplay Long Time
Marillion – Incubus (1998 Remaster)
Knight Area – Occlusion
Damanek – Noon Day Candles
Royal Hunt – Live Another Day
Anderson, Bruford, Wakeman & Howe – Order Of The Universe & Let’s Pretend
The Sign Of Leo2 – Final Hour
Def Leppard – Desert Song
Broken Bridges – Secret
Homunculus Res – Vesica Piscis
Pendragon – Paintbox
O.R.K. – Till The Sunrise Comes
Andromeda – The Hidden Riddle
Arjen Lucassen’s Supersonic Revolution – Children Of The Revolution
Hackberry – Foreshadow
Beatles – Tell Me What You See
FACS – Class Spectre
Abel Ganz – Kean On The Job
Aragon – The Changeling
HMLTD – Days
Jethro Tull – Allfather
Golden Earring – Nomad
Dream Theater – Xanadu
Deep Purple – Lazy (Live In Tokyo)
Kingcrow – The Drowning Line
Mystery – Behind The Mirror
Red Bazar – Nothing Left
Millenium – Tales From Imaginary Movies. The Opening Credits & Invisible Superhero
OSI – Hello, Helicopter
Lazuli – Dieter Bohm
Glorious Wolf – For You And I
Kansas – Cheyenne Anthem
Liquid Orbit – Hope For A New Summer
IQ – The Darkerst Hour
Crazy World – The Return Of The Clown
Legacy Pilots – A Little Differently
Rick Miller – A Dream Within A Dream
Rush – Bastille Day
Caravan – Love Song With Flutre
Ascher – Beginnings
Yes – Time And A Word
Anathema – Sunlight
Secret Sky – Alchemy
Apex Origin – Blue Dream
Cloverseeds – Familiar
Sound Of Contact – Not Coming Down
Echo Us – Dark Shock
Tyler Kamen – Battle Of The Hemispheres

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