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Week 38, (9PM Rotterdam Time)

Anathema – Judgement
Abacus – Song For Brunhilde
Karnataka – Moment In Time
New Model Army – Frightened
Clan Of Xymox – 7th Time
Nico – Frozen Warnings
Collage – Eight Kisses
Dead Can Dance – Saltarello
John Wesley – To Reach Out
Dream Academy – Humdrum
Chvrches – Graffiti
Eels – P.S. You Rock My World
Syd Barrett – Terrapin
Jane – Midnight Mover
Golden Earring – In A Bad Mood
Pink Floyd – Fat Old Sun
Camel – Never Let Go
Big Country – The Seer
Electric Light Orchestra – Mr. Radio
Argent – Keeper Of The Flame
IQ – The Wrong Side Of Weird
Duncan Browne – The Wild Places

Geproduceerd door Casper Tell voor ISKC Rock Radio

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