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Week 8, (Thursday 9PM Rotterdam Time)

Kissliar- Zamorozhennya Margarita
Syml- Everything All At Once
Kendra Morris- This Life
Charm City Junction- Prairie Fire
Divine Paradox- Lost (A Cry In The Dark)
Blue Violet- White Beaches
Bunzu Soundz- Bokonor
Amorosa- Ce Matin
Vijay Iyer- Compassion
Folly Group- Pressure Pad
Cross My Heart Hope To Die- Crossroads
Kinga Glyk- Swimming In The Sky
Quarters Of Change- Cherry Tree
Rouge- Strawberries In The Dark
Den Der Hale- A Part Of Wrath And Stone
Zach Brock- III. Compassion
Abriction- I Lay In The Distant Flame
As The Rivers Recall- Father Sky
Boukovo- Kolo
Rhys Bloodjoy- A Banshee’s Lament
Last Dinner Party- Caesar On A TV Screen
Ulisses Rocha- A Voz No Ttelefone
Plantoid- Insomniac (Don’t Worry)
Ahmad Al Khatib & Kaveh Mahmudiyan- Samai

Geproduceerd door Lucas Biela voor ISKC Rock Radio

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