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Week 48, (Thursday 9PM Rotterdam Time)

Mord’a’stigmata – I Am The Arm
M-Ziq – Galope
Uwe Kropinski – Speedy Gonzales
Faith Assembly – Fall Of Rome
Ramsey Lewis – Legacy (I. Toccata, Ii. Adagio, III. Fugue)
Hatis Noit – Aura
Al Wilson – Falling In Love With You
Compro Oro – Ben-Hur
Benjamin Clementine – Atonement
Johannes Motschmann – Echo
Johannes Motschmann – Rupture
Gareth Walters – Divertimento For Strings-V. Allegro Giocoso (Manitoba Chamber Orchestra, Dir. Roy Goodman)
Human Tetris – Cold Wind
Kosheen – High & Dry
Alex Cline – Emerald Light
Tohpati Ethnomission – Inspirasi Baru (New Inspiration)
Dave Brons – Into The Woods Of Lothlorien
Helium – Clementine
Otyken – White Mountain
Asura – Manzanita

Produced by Lucas Biela for ISKC Rock Radio

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