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Week 22 (Thursday 9PM Rotterdam Time)

Botanist – Angel’s Trumpet
Chitinous Ensemble – Aldebaranian Song
Curse Mackey – Blowmindr
Elli Ingram – Poor Baby
Cemented Minds – Piss And Moan
John Lunn, Eivor, Danny Saul – Until Valhalla
Akira Ishikawa & His Count Buffalos – Dawn
Skye & Ross – Hold On
Daisy Jones & The Six – Aurora
Two Loons For Tea – Cinnamon Toast
Ironsides – Violet Vanished
Liraz – Doone Doone
Asgaard – Sny Na Jawie (Acoustic Version)
Rhead Brothers – Loves’s A Crazy Game
Helen Money & Will Thomas – Abandon
Uz Jsme Doma – Vylov Rybnika
Samara Joy – Can’t Get Out Of This Mood
Greg Cardinal Band – Photosynthesis
Nat Bartsch – Emerging
Voices Of East Harlem – Right On Be Free
Wasted Youth – Maybe We’ll Die
Jartse Tuominen – Love And The Perfect Game (Feat. Yvonne Charbonneau)
Azmari – Dort Bucuk
Der Weisse Hirsch – Die Wilde Frau

Produced by Lucas Biela for ISKC Rock Radio

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