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Week 25, (Wednesday 9PM Rotterdam Time)

Live van Italië naar Nederland: Angelo’s Rock Orphanage (Where the music lives!)

Cailyn Lloyd – Saturn
Subsignal – The Last Of Its Kind
Magma – Da Zeuhl Wortz Mekanik
Telergy – Mathematician
Golden Earring – She Flies On Strange Wings
Syncromind Project – Journey
Marbin – Escape From Hippie Mountain
Grandval – Entendre Les Engoulevents
Yossi Sassi Band – Winter
CTP – Hair In A G String (Unfinished But Sweet) The Brazilian
Peter Matuchniak – Across The Pond (Live)
Generate – Seven Years Of Bad Luck
Gormusik – Surfing The Sun
Obsidian Key – Time
Dave Brons – Return To Arda
Julverne – Impuissance
Karnataka – Heart Of Stone
Evergrey – Disconnect
Karibow – E.G.O.

Geproduceerd door Angelo Hulshout ISKC Rock Radio

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