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Week 21, (Tuesday 9PM Rotterdam Time)

Ayreon – Sail Away To Avalon (Semi-Acoustic)
Venice – Rivers Never Run
Rick Miller – The Trial
ZWOYLD – Tutti Quanti
Aurora Project – Circles In The Water
Avandra – Eternal Return
Rammstein – Hallomann
Steve Howe – A Lady She Is
Caravan – Where But For Caravan Would I
Porcupine Tree – Buying New Soul (Closure Continuation Live)
Prehistoric Animals – Living In A World Of Bliss
Airbag – Killer
Conception – No Rewind
Beardfish – Ode To The Rock ‘N’ Roller
Yes – Lift Me Up
Rush – 2112: Overture

Produced & presented by Rosie Smith for ISKC Rock Radio

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