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Week 48, (Monday 9PM Rotterdam Time)

Spell – The Watching
Sign Of Leo – Waiting For The Comets
For Absent Friends – Conversation
Syzygy – Psychosomatic
Voice Among The Many – Where We Belong
Blackwater Fever – The Highway
Flamborough Head – Jumping The Milestone
Seventh Wonder – Mindkiller
Limp – Mea Culpa
Tribe Of Names – White Nile
Tyler Kamen – The Doppelganger
RVH Project – Living On The Edge
Millenium – The Sounds Of War
Esthesis – Through My Lens
Custard Flux – The Man In Blue Wants Out Of His Suit
Evership – Uncrowned
Backfire – The Two Of Us, Omega & A Mind By Itself
Royal Hunt – Left In The Wind

Produced by Albums in the Spotlight for ISKC Rock Radio

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