Karmamoi are a progressive rock band from Italy. “The Day Is Done” is their fourth album.

When the Grenfell Tower fire in London took place on 14 June 2017 the writing of the album was already well advanced. 89 people died in the burning of that London skyscraper and among the many stories, we were deeply struck by that of two Syrian boys, Omar and Mohammed, who fled from Syria in the war, finding refuge and a new life in Britain. Mohammed died in the fire and his brother was unable to help him.

Daniele Giovannioni continues: “This typified my feeling of discomfort with the world. Many of us humans are on the run and living in fear of not being accepted. The two Syrian boys typified this feeling of unease. The terror in the eyes of the survivors of the fire was the same as that of the survivors of a bombing or an attack. Certainly those who suffer a such a bombing know that it is possible there will be another, while those who are victims of a fires can hope that such a thing will never to be repeated, but the desire to escape is the same for everyone.”

The band decided to tell the story of Omar and Mohammed as example of millions of other stories of life and pain, which led to the decision to give the album a concept. “The Day Is Done” is dedicated to them, to all the victims of the fire of the Grenfell Tower, to all the people fleeing from wars and hunger and to all the people looking for a normal, peaceful life. The recordings began in Rome at the end of March 2018. The band recorded the voices at the Latte Più studio owned by Gabriele Sorrentino. After playing at the Winter’s End Festival in Chepstow, at the beginning of May 2018 we went to Eynsham near Oxford at the ARC At Abbey Street Studios for drum and guitar recording sessions. It was a wonderful experience. Mark Tucker, our sound engineer and co-producer with us on the album, did the rest.

” The Day Is Done” is a story that accompanies the listener through the lucid madness of a reality that we often do not want to see. It is a raw portrait, which via composition, sound and lyrics makes us aware of who we are and what we probably would not want to be.
Track listing:
1. The Day Is Done (6’52”)
2. Take Me Home (8’47”)
3. Portrait Of A Man (11’20”)
4. Getaway (7’43”)
5. Running Through The Lands (2’58”)
6. Your Name (8’50”)
7. Mother´s Dirge (10’50”)
8. Lost Voices (1’21”)

Daniele Giovannoni ( Drums, Keyboards and Backing Vocals )
Alex Massari ( Guitars and Backing Vocals )

Music By: Daniele Giovannoni
Lyrics By: Sara Rinaldi
Produced : Karmamoi and Mark Tucker
Strings on “ Your Name” and “ Getaway” arranged by Emilio Merone

Recorded by : MarK Tucker @ The Arc at the Abbey Street Recording Studio – Eynsham – ( UK )
Vox recorded @ Latte Più Studio – Rome – ( Italy ) by Gabriele Sorrentino
Mixed by Mark Tucker @ The Green Room Studios – ( UK )
Artwork by Valentina Credentino ( Photo by Pixabay )

Sara Rinaldi ( Main Vox )
Colin Edwin ( Bass ) on “Take Me Home”, “ Your Name” and “Mother’s Dirge”
Geoff Leigh ( Flute ) on “Take Me Home”
Alessandro Cefalì ( Bass ) on “The Day is Done” , “Portrait of A Man”, “Getaway” and “Running Through the Lands”
Emilio Merone ( piano ) on “The Day Is Done” and keyboard solo on “Mother’s Dirge”
Luca Uggias ( Piano ) on “ Take Me Home” and “ Portrait of a Man”
Lara Bagnati ( Flute ) on “The Day Is Done”
Valerio Sgargi ( Rap ) on “Mother’s Dirge”

• Danfest – The Musician, Leicester – 30th November 2018
• Boston Music Rooms, Tufnell Park, London – 2nd December 2018
• Rosfest, Saratosa Opera House, Florida, USA – 3rd-5th May 2019

Karmamoi are available for features and interviews. Reviewers and radio stations – please contact Stephen Lambe at Nineteen-73 Artist Promotions via stephen@nineteen-73.co.uk for further details. Twitter: @1973promo

Website: www.karmamoi.it
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Karmamoi/

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