‘Groundbreaker’ is everything a melodic rock fan could wish for: soaring hooklines, magnificent melodies, amazing musical performances and, in Steve Overland, a stunning vocalist. Mixing both British and Swedish melodic rock/AOR styles, the end result is truly the best of both worlds and surely destined to be one of the highlights of an already stellar year for melodic rock!

Groundbreaker came about when a conversation between Frontiers’ President Serafino Perugino and Overland revealed that the latter was eager to collaborate with new and exciting musicians from the mainland European melodic rock scene. The idea to involve Robert Sall (Work Of Art, W.E.T.) and the production abilities of Alessandro Del Vecchio was conceived. Overland loved the initial ideas submitted and the trio subsequently started to work on songs together. The end results were so good that everyone involved thought the name Groundbreaker was the right way to describe the power and vibe of the music.

“I’m the main composer for about half the songs, but Steve and Alessandro wrote a lot as well,” says Sall. “I had to write songs with Steve’s voice in mind and that was new but very inspiring to me. However, any fan of FM or Work Of Art will be familiar with the sound of this record.”

“The idea was to make a classic AOR album and I think between Robert, Alessandro, [fourthwriter] Pete Alpenborg and myself, we came up with a great collection of songs,” adds Overland. “I think this is some of the best material I’ve worked on in a while and all of the musicians on the record are fantastic, not only as players, but also to work with. I knew Robert’s writing talents from Work Of Art records, but it really turned out to be a great collaboration and I’m so proud of the results! My personal favourite song on the record is ‘Will It Make You Love Me’. We have shot a video for it and I think it’s truly a future classic!”

If you like melodic rock, then this is simply a must hear album!

(Pete’s Rock News)



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