German act ARGOS initially started out as a solo project by multi-instrumentalist and composer Thomas Klarmann, an experienced musician who started out in prog and fusion bands in the 70’s. He abandoned the progressive part of the music scene more and more as time went by though, concentrating on jazz, but when he discovered the new progressive movement in the mid 90’s spearheaded by acts like Flower Kings and Spock’s Beard, the passion for making and performing progressive music returned as well.

A chance meeting with Robert Gozon eventually lead to the formation of Superdrama, a four man strong band still active.

Klarmann wished to explore a broader style of music than what he could do in this band though, and started composing songs for a solo project in 2005. Gozon soon got involved though, and they set up a MySpace page where those interested in the project could listen to the material they produced.

One day Ulf Jacobs, a passionate lover of progressive music as well as a skilled drummer and composer, came across the page. he found the music highly compelling and contacted the band, offering his services.

The solo project, now expanded to a trio, started recording songs soon after, and were signed to French label Musea Records in 2008. Their self-titled debut album was issued in January 2009.

In April 2010 Musea released the second ARGOS album called ‘Circles’. They developed to a four piece crew with Rico Florczak added on guitar. The band is also part of a Flower Kings Tribute published by Musea in cooperation with the Colossus magazine .They are contributing their version of “Cosmic Circus/Babylon”

The third album “CRUEL SYMMETRY” was released on 14 December .2012 on ” Progressive Promotion Records” .

Bad Elephant Music is delighted to announce the signing of critically acclaimed progressive rock band Argos for the release of their eagerly anticipated fifth album – entitled Unidentified Dying Objects.

This follow up to 2015’s warmly received A Seasonal Affair sees the Mainz-based quintet joined by a stellar guest list, including Andy Tillison (The Tangent), Linus Kåse (Änglagård, Brighteye Brison) and Marek Arnold (Damanek, Toxic Smile, Seven Steps To The Green Door and many others). Unidentified Dying Objects sees the band continue to develop their blend of Canterbury-scene influences and contemporary progressive rock, and also marks the debut studio performance as a full member of the band by keyboardist Thilo Brauss.

Thomas Klarmann, bassist and founder member of the band said “we happily agreed to join the Bad Elephant Music family – for this German progressive rock band, signing to a British label feels coming home!”

“I’ve loved Argos’ music since hearing their first album in 2009,” says David Elliott, BEM’s label manager, “and they’ve been a mainstay on my podcast ever since. When Thomas approached me about joining The Elephant I said ‘yes’ immediately. They’re one of the best prog bands around, and Unidentified Dying Objects is their best work yet.”


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