Mario Soutschka


Mario Soutschka (*16.08.1988 in Ingolstadt, Germany) is a singer/songwriter from Germany.

When he was a teenager, Soutschka fell in love with the music of the Beatles. After seeing the movie “A Hard Days Night” he decided to learn to play the guitar. A few years later he started to write his own songs. With a fable for strong melodies, straight forward arrangements and interesting and sometimes deep lyrics Soutschka achieved a progress in his songwriting craft.

In the years 2014/2015 Soutschka reached the semi-finals of several international Songwriting-Contests (like the international songwriting competition, the unsigned only songwriting contest, the UK songwriting contest, songdoor songconest amm). In the year 2015 he released his first album “Every Day”. The album was recorded at home on Soutschkas laptop and was mixed and mastered at the legendary Abbey Road studios in London.

The second album “Long Stories Short” will be released on august 1st 2018.

It was recorded and mixed at Flatliners studios Ingolstadt and mastered at Dorian Grey Studios near Munich.


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