Johan is a Dutch band formed around singer/guitarist Jacob de Greeuw, originated in Hoorn, the Netherlands. Johan plays Beatles-like guitar pop with English lyrics. They are praised by fans and critics for the well-crafted music and lyrics.

Currently, Johan consists of three other members besides Jacob: Robin Berlijjn (on guitar and vocals), Diets Dijkstra (guitar, bass guitar, vocals) and Jeroen Kleijn (on drums).

The original lineup consisted of the following four members: Jacob de Greeuw, Remco Krull, Niels de Wit and Wim Kwakman. Other members were: Maarten Kooijman and Diederik Nomden.

Johan usually takes a long time to produce a new album. After ‘Johan’ (1996) fans had to wait five years for ‘Pergola’ to be released in 2001. Another five years later, in 2006, ‘THX JHN’ came out. Unlike some people might think, ‘THX JHN’ is not meant as a farewell statement. Next album was 4.
Recently a new album was released .


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