I make music for the innocent part of our mind, for the kid, hiding somewhere in our soul, waiting to play, again, with the first lights.

Shibassy creates with the eyes of child. Compositor/lyricist/multi-intrumentist, his self-taught piano play and his four-octave voice are instruments to achieve his search for musical perfection, his attempts to reach beauty.

Consider music as a living thing, a magical creature coming from elsewhere and holding the amazing power to make the wildest musical dreams come true, this is how Shibassy is interlinked with music.

Shibassy’s interest in music started while he was around 6 years old, at the touch of a piano left in the attic of a restaurant. He soon started to develop an unconditional love for the realm of sounds. In the early 2000, Shibassy forms a band in his birth city, Paris. It allows him to learn composition and to develop his own peculiar style. After five years with the band, he decides to follow a solo career. He meets then an old piano teacher, who, through fascinating talks, helps him complete his musical education. “Ghost And Children”, issued in 2015, is his very first album. Shibassy worked for four years to get to the final result of this fanciful and innovative record. “Ghost And Children” is a one-of-a-kind album, memories of a child put in music, where crazy paces meet magical poetry, innocence, laughs, but also melancholy at times.

It took him 4 years to create this album. Years full of light and magic but also full of nightmares and hardship. He has seen a lot of colours during those years, in this album you will hear it , but only those that made him laugh and dream.

This album is about what we’ve lost and what we keep from childhood.


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