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Drifting Sun are a UK-based Progressive Rock studio project which dates back to the early 90’s when Keyboardist/Composer Pat Sanders left his native France to relocate to the UK.

Pat had already composed some early material for the project, and joined forces with American Vocalist/Lyricist Rafe Pomeroy. Together, they crafted some of the songs that are part of Drifting Sun’s first album. In 1994, they cut four numbers in a London Studio. The recording was sent to French Progressive Rock label Muséa while Pat was touring in Canada with another band. The demo received a positive response from Muséa, and a distribution deal with their parent Hard Rock label Brennus led to the making of Drifting Sun’s eponymous debut CD, released in December 1996 to positive reviews from across the globe.

Following the release of their first record, Drifting Sun decided to carry on as an Indie band. Pat also set out to pump new blood into the group, resulting in drastic line-up changes within Drifting Sun. In 1997 he met Drummer Tobin Bryant, who was recruited through a former member of the band. Tobin introduced the band to Guitarist John Spearman. All that was left was the addition of a new Frontman. Quite by sheer coincidence, another American answered the call. Vocalist and Lyricist Chris Martini, a transplant from Rhode Island, was up to the job. Now the line-up was complete and the path was clear for the events to follow. The group began writing and recording material for their second helping, aptly titled On The Rebound, which was released in the fall of 1998.

After taking a long break from the music business during which time he pursued other interests, Pat decided to revamp his project. Now armed with a brand new line up, Drifting Sun have just completed the recording of their third opus entitled ‘Trip The Life Fantastic’ .

‘Trip the Life Fantastic’ is a collection of pieces put together by keyboardist Pat Sanders, mostly new with a few older tunes. The album was recorded in various studios across the UK and Canada, and mixed at Storey Studio – UK The record took approximately a year and a half to complete.

The most unique aspect of Drifting Sun is that it comprises of musicians from all over the UK, and also even spanning across several continents, with members from the US, France, Canada and South Africa, throughout the several line-up incarnations in the band’s history.

The next album ‘Safe Asylum’ was released a year later in 2016, to much acclaim from the Progressive Rock press around the world, and was the last record to feature Dan Storey on the guitars. His replacement, Mathieu Spaeter, previously from the Franck Carducci Band, joined for the recording of the newly released record ‘Twilight’, now available from the band’s official web as well as in the usual physical and digital outlets across the globe.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/driftingsunontheweb/

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