For a long time, we have doubted about a suitable subject for a new Rock Opera. Following the successful of our debut album “Plastic Soup” in 2010, the successor in 2013 was the rockopera 1000Wishes with as theme; childhood cancer and KiKa as a backward goal. The performance was completed with a CD, a book and a DVD. This was such a huge success that we had difficulty re-experiencing the conviction we had in this last subject. Until we were referred to the final speech of former astronaut Wubbo Ockels! His words caught us by the throat, we needed something! We contacted the widow of Wubbo, Joos Ockels and daughter Gean. They thought that, in this way, we wanted to keep Wubbo’s minds alive immediately and stood (and stood) completely behind the initiative. Joos has even proved a great source of inspiration in the creation of the story.

With 2011, Wubbo founded the Happy Energy organization to positively inspire society into a more liveable world. From Happy Energy there will be a number of projects, including our rockopera plus a sustainability film for secondary education in the Netherlands. Our goal is to support this foundation with the new album “ROCKET the dreams of Wubbo Ockels” in combination with the performances.

Website: http://www.pb2.nl/Index.htm
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/PBIIband/

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