Imagine a world without music!

Have you ever visualized how this world would feel like without music?
No birds chirping, introducing spring with the first warm sunrays,
no melancholic ballads, no cheerful summer beats, no euphoric rock-
anthems coming along with us, bringing to our mind, our very feelings.
And what would a Spielberg, Disney or Nolan film be without the
right soundtrack?
Comparing it with your visual sense, it would be like seeing everything
black and white…

Music is linked with emotions and powerful emotions create powerful music!

Have you ever heard a person say “Music is my life”? Many people believe in music and that it can change lives. But what does that mean?
We’re really living in a stressful world where time and peace of mind gets rarer and rarer whereas pressure and mental overload gets more and more. Can music change it?
YES! If you use it with the right measure of appreciation and humility.
And by saying “use”, I mean listen to it, create it or even talk about it.
Music is a gift and if we just take one minute to think about it, we realize how important and powerful it is – and the best thing is – it’s cheap, easy accessible and absolutely legal…

My name is Jim Creard and I started to make music when I was 18.
I always listened to it and it really helped me through dark times in my youth but starting to learn to play the guitar, figuring out the first riffs, that was a whole new world and today I can really say that it became my life.
I bought my first guitar just to decorate the wall of my first apartment but always felt some magic vibes coming from it and ever since the first girls said “uuuh – can you play?!” I knew I had to get into playing…
A few months later the greatest time of my life began, founding my first band, getting on a stage for real – I soaked up every magic moment between the crowd and myself, then and ever since!
Later I discovered my passion for playing drums as well and since then I didn’t let one day go by without grabbing my guitar, smacking some beats or writing some lyrics. Sometimes I really have to get up in the middle of the night to write down some idea, I just heard in my dreams. Spooky – sure! But I think that’s when you start to live for music and music becomes your passion.
Since the first “Magix music maker” edition came out, many years ago, I also started producing and arranging my ideas and since then, most instruments on my songs and projects are played by me. Now I use Logic pro X.
Speaking of my equipment, here are some details of my “craft stuff”:
I’ve played a couple of nice guitars, including premium models from Fender, Gibson, Ibanez, PRS, Kramer and many more – my favorite still is a Johnson LP model, body/neck mahogany with a bigsby tremolo and filtertron pickups – this piece weighs about 6kg and the output is blowing you into another dimension! I play through an ENGL Powerball and a Mesa Boogie Studio Caliber DC-2 (stereo, using a Boss CH-5).

A few years ago somebody who was very close to me said, “You give everything to music – one day, you will lose everything and start to hate it!” – That really shook me up badly and I fell into a hole! But guess what pulled my out? Right! Music will always be my life and I’m so thankful and appreciative for all the positive feedback I get.
The biggest goal in music will always be to touch somebody’s heart. That way you will create soulmates and maybe – lighten these hard times of terror and fear, if only a little bit.

Are you stuck in some dead end or struggling finding sense in life?
You CAN find peace and luck AND – you can give it to others!
– Do everything you do with passion!
– Live every day of your life deliberately
– Appreciate the small things in life
– Never stop increasing your skills
– Show others what you’ve learned

The Overture has been a musically association, existing 2015-2016.

Various great musicians has been involved in the project such as Ritchie Kelly, Jojo Rauch, Michi Tietze, Zoltan Dragus, Mark Ischia, Eddy Winter and more; building up a great and very special sound, influenced by big artists like Queen, Muse or Pink Floyd. Songwriters and composers Jim Creard and Ritchie Kelly created a masterpiece of “theatralic rock” – called “requiem for a dying world”

Website: https://www.jimcreard.com/overture
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/overturetheband/

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