Colouratura started back sometime in early 2016, more or less over summer break when Nathan James and I tracked a couple of tunes together. What’s occurred in the intervening months is an album cobbled together of every genre we could throw at it …

This thing covers a WHOLE lot of ground. Abstract ambient, BEAUTIFUL pop tunes, Ennio Morricone in space, Prog rock, folk, punk, Gregorian chant, electronic, circus … its all here and Nathan owns it.

The whole thing plays through like a single track and flows effortlessly from style to style, and explores an incredible range of dynamics. Colouratura is an ‘event’ album. A 50 minute journey into the heart and mind of one of the most creative individuals I know.

In addition to Nathan (who sings and plays guitar, bass and keys on the album), the guest list is pretty incredible. Dave Newhouse of the Muffins guests on a track, along with Damon Waitkus (Jack o’ the Clock) and Connor Reilly (Mercury Tree, The Proletarians). Drummer Brandon Collins, guitarist Ryan Smurthwaite and vocalist Evyenia Karapolous also make immeasurable contributions to this sonic stew. We couldn’t have done it without you.

This is the album we made when we weren’t looking. When we needed to blow off some steam from life or school, when the other projects got to be a bit too much to handle. This is the album that was a labor of love. And it shows.

We are proud to present Colouratura and cannot possibly wait to share it with you in only a short time. Its almost here.


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