Alan Reed


From Prog-Rock frontman to solo artist.

Although primarily known as a singer, I’ve always considered myself as much a musician as a frontman. I’ve played guitar and written songs since my teens, and originally intended to become a bass-player. Singing was something I blundered into along the way.

I never planned to go solo, but now I’m working on my own I’ve got the freedom to explore some of those skills. Most of the guitars and bass on the album have been played by me. I still love the thrill of working with other musicians, but it’s oddly liberating being in overall control.

I have an extensive back-catalogue. As well as a number of studio and live albums with Pallas (the band I fronted for 25 years), I’ve appeared on a number of other recordings

These include Abel Ganz (the Glasgow band I left to join Pallas), Prog-supergroup NEO, the rock-opera ‘SHE’, and guest appearamces with Parzivals Eye, Harvest, Strangers on a Train etc.


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