Sprague Dawley


Sprague Dawley is a finnish rock-band, formed in 2008 at Eurajoki, Finland. Band was created by Janne Nurmi and another member, whos name we like to keep anonym. In 2009 band had recorded it´s first album, but it never saw the light of day due a decease of anonym member of the band.

In 2010 the last remaining part of the band met its current drummer. His name was Rami Kettunen, known from the band such as Weeping Daemon. You can also spot him playing some easy type of music, for elder people. Band also met its previous basist, Tommi Lempää. Band recorded its first album in 2012-2013. Album is known as Redefine Me, and it was released early in 2014 by Secret Entertainment. Album contained mainly music composed and written by Janne. Rest of the band sort of followed J´s lead, and tried to make the best of it.

When released, the album had mainly no publicity and no reviews. Allthough it did have some interested ears in United States. After releasing the album, SD did not play any live shows due the urgency of the band members. This made it very difficult for band to think its future or even proceed to the next step. This led into some sort of pause in band´s activity.

In the late 2014 band had a constructing discussion with its basist, and the outcome seemed to be unavoidable. Tommi Lempää was released from the band and this led even to a bigger pause. Few times Janne seemed to be anxious to terminate SD. And as you are reading this, you understand it didn´t happen.

After some intensive searching band found its present basist, Antti Maantiehinno. This was undoubtedly the best thing that ever happened in the bands history as we know it.

A´s strong past with ´bit heavier music gave the band a new spice. A´s intensive working made it very easy for him to assimilate with rest of the crew, and soon he became a big asset for the band.

During the next few years Sprague Dawley made new music and had a huge amount of rehearsals with their new basist. This made a huge difference in Sprague Dawley´s music. In 2015 band played few live shows, and it was a huge success. Band had lots of positive feedback and made it even more clear for the band members to carry on with this.

Band released their first single ”Deep Inside” 13/02/17 from the album ”Missing Piece”, and it was the first single ever released from Sprague Dawley. The album was released 24/02/17. After the single was released, band had immediate attention from Canada, U.S.A and UK.

Website: http://www.spraguedawley.net/index.php
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Sprague-Dawley-473123302747437/

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