Future Elephants?


Future Elephants? bring the best of Seventies rock into the present. November 16, 2016 marks the release of their debut album, Future Elephants?

Future Elephants? were initially formed by two musicians, each with an illustrous past.
Roger Holegård made waves as the lead singer and main songwriter of Swedish hard rock pioneers, Neon Rose. Between 1974 and 1976, the band released three albums that have become sought-after cult classics. He then took jazz-rock legends Wasa Express in a rockier direction for two albums and numerous tours, before forming Truck.

Dante Holmberg is best known as the lead guitarist and main songwriter for late 70’s/early 80’s Stockholm rockers Strix Q, who released four albums, and toured extensively – both on their own, and as the explosive backing band for Magnus Uggla. Dante has since become an accomplished lapsteel player, performing and recording with the country-tinged Joyride.

A couple of years ago they decided that it was time to start a band again. Jamming and working on ideas while trying out members finally led to the birth of Future Elephants? together with drummer Rolle Lindgren and bass player Anders Lundquist.

The songs, mostly passing the five-minute limit, soon turned into collaborative efforts, until there was enough strong material for an album. Renowned sound engineer Anders Oredson, whose CV reads like a who’s who of Swedish music, was chosen to oversee the recordings, which took place at Crunch Studios in Stockholm. Interestingly enough, it was also Oredson who recorded Neon Rose’s first album, back in 1973!

Every track on the album has a story, whether it’s about the human love for gadgets, damaged childhoods, autumn melancholy, a holiday trip that goes wrong, or our shameful treatment of the furry friends that we are supposed to share this planet with. Lead singer/guitarist Holegård interprets the lyrics with powerful conviction, adding some theatrical elements along the way. Holmberg’s tasty solos are characterised by timeless blues chops, attitude and carefully chosen notes (think Leslie West, Peter Green and early Clapton). An effective rhythm section, Lindgren and Lundquist build a solid, yet inventive, foundation.

The double three-sided vinyl album, includes a download code and is produced by Future Elephants? and Anders Oredson. Overdubs were kept to a minimum, to preserve the human feel, which is highlighted by the dynamic mastering.

The result is a heavy, guitar based rock, incorporating subtly progressive tendencies. While they have their own sound, it’s possible to hear that the members came of age musically during the Seventies.

There’s a lot to explore and digest here. This album is a grower.

Contact information:
S-Rock Music Production Åke Svensk
s-rock@live.se Mobile: 0046708213200
Distribution: Border

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Future-Elephants-644883422288620/

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