Name: Steve Unruh
Birthday: Oct 22
Wife: Angela (Ena) Muhuri, married since 1998

Occupation: Sr. Electronic Engineer for Hasbro Toy Group

Favorite Albums:
Progressive Rock:
Yes – Close to the Edge (This is officially my favorite album of all time in any genre.)
Yes – Tales from Topographic Oceans
Yes – Symphonic Live (Amsterdam, DVD)
The Flower Kings – Stardust We Are
The Flower Kings – Unfold the Future
Dream Theater – Scenes from a Memory
Dream Theater – “Score” (Live in New York, DVD)
Phideaux – Doomsday Afternoon
Porcupine Tree – Fear of a Blank Planet
Rush – A Farewell To Kings
Rush – Permanent Waves
King Crimson – Red
Gentle Giant – The Power And The Glory

John Coltrane – Giant Steps
John Coltrane – Crescent
John Coltrane – A Love Supreme
Dave Brubeck Quartet – Time Out
Glen Velez – Rhytmicolor Exotica

Rock, Pop:
U2 – The Joshua Tree
U2 – Achtung Baby
U2 – All That You Can’t Leave Behind
Indigo Girls – Indigo Girls
Indigo Girls – Despite Our Differences

New Age:
Bob Kindler – Tiger’s Paw

Religious Affiliation: Member, First Baptist Church in America, Providence, Rhode Island. (This is a wonderful group of people, with a philosophical pastor, genius music director, and an amazing history – literally the 1st Baptist Church in America, founded by Roger Williams [the country’s foremost hero for religious freedom and “soul liberty”].)

Favorite Food: Italian, North & South Indian, Bengali, Thai, Malaysian. Particular favorites: Italian “grinder” sandwiches, wood oven pasta or pasta with shrimp, Thai minced chicken or duck with basil, shrimp curried in coconut milk (oh, yeah, that one’s healthy), simple Bengali lentil soup (a daily staple), “kumra” curry (can be made with great success by using more readily-available butternut squash), malaysian rendang, sag paneer (Indian spinach and cheese curry), and like any good white boy with exposure to Indian food, chicken tikka masala.

Favorite Beverages: The high-quality versions of these are terrific: almost any fruit juice, strong black coffee, lassi, single-malt scotch whiskey.

Favorite Movies: Office Space, Winged Migration, 3:10 to Yuma, Casablanca.

Favorite TV Shows: Later with Jools Holland, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, The Colbert Report, Animal documentaries, anything hosted by Bill Moyers.

Proficient at: Drumkit, Percussion, Violin, Guitar, Mandolin, and getting pretty decent at Flute, Voice and Bass
Terrible at but still trying: Piano, Clarinet, Saxophone, Cello-lin (a violin with a really long neck that I invented a few years ago)
Gave up on: Trumpet, Trombone, Cello, Vibes

Played on lots of recordings… see the Album-o-graphy.

Hobbies: (well, my music would qualify as a hobby if I wasn’t so obsessed by it…), electronic design, woodworking.

Quirks: I hate the incorrect use of apostrophe (It’s not “Fish and Chip’s,” dammit!)
I quickly become obsessive-compulsive about things if not careful.


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