Levin Minnemann Rudess


‘From The Law Offices Of Levin Minnemann Rudess’ is a fantastic addition to any progressive or jazz fan’s collection. Marco Minnemann not only showcases his usual mind-blowing drum talents, with his striking rhythms and creative accents, but he also brings a lot to the table on the guitar. Jordan Rudess does what he does best, and adds a fast-paced magical element on keys. And Tony Levin? I think the master of the chapman stick has surpassed the point where he should need any explanation or redundant praise, but I shall say it anyway: he is amazing, providing a structured funk that should inspire anyone to pick up a bass. This album has old school prog components mixed with Rudess’s wizardly (and sometimes overwhelming) 80s keyboards, to create a new sub-genre, “jazz fusion Castlevania”. Even throughout all of those solos, they never fail to keep the sound clean and precise, with a technical groove that fits so well – not to mention that they really love their 5/4! Needless to say, I highly recommend Levin Minnemann Rudess and anything that they have to offer.

Source: Sandra Yeomans
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Website: http://www.levinminnemannrudess.com/

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