Anakdota is a stunning collaboration between five musicians based across the Atlantic, as they love to describe themselves. Their sound and vision is truly special, as this talented ensemble of musicians set out to blur the lines between the sophisticated overtones of progressive rock and the light-hearted tone of their sense of humor.

Their latest studio effort, Overloading, is a great showcase of the band’s talent, highlighting the musicianship of each band member, as well as the chemistry of the line-up as a whole. In particular, the great production aesthetics that define the sound of this album truly help stir things together, giving a very unique textural feel to the entire production.

On their songs, the band strikes with an amazing balance of classic progressive tones, hard rock, jazz and so much more, achieving an eclectic and diverse release.

This is the perfect release for fans of classic prog-rock bands, such as Emerson, Lake & Palmer and King Crimson, just to mention a couple.


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