Nth Ascension


Imagined late 2009 by Craig & Darrel under the name Nth Degree. The band then consisted of Alan Taylor, Darrel Treece-Birch, Craig Walker and Martin Walker. In 2011 the band changed their name to Nth Ascension and released a demo recording entitled ‘Frequencies Of Day & Night’, which was issued via online music platform Aurovine in late 2011. In 2012 Bassist Gavin Walker joined the band and line-up has stayed consistent to present day.

In 2014 the began recording their official debut album ‘Ascension Of Kings’. This was released December 13th 2014 via Aurovine EX.
In 2016 the band signed to US based Melodic Revolution Records (MRR) and began work on the sophomore album and MRR debut release ‘In Fine Initium’ which is released on October 14th 2016.

In Fine Initium was mixed by Mat Arnold of Hilltown Studios & Mastered by Dave Aston Digital Audio.
Album art was provided by Oliver Pengilley.

Alan ‘Spud’ Taylor – Vocals.
Darrel Treece-Birch – Keyboards.
Craig Walker – Drums.
Gavin Walker – Bass.
Martin Walker – Guitars.

Such as, Porcupine Tree, Marillion, Genesis, Yes, Sensational Alex Harvey Band, Rush, Dream Theater, Pink Floyd to name a few. The band has been likened to Grey Lady Down, Pallas, Marillion, with a neo-progressive flavor. But the band resolutely stands by that the music that is created is not designed to order, but is a natural extension of all the members.

Website: http://www.nthascension.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/NthAscensionMusic/

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