Crystal Palace


Established in 1991 in Berlin, Germany Musical style: progressive / melodic art-rock Founder members:* Yenz (bass guitar./backing vocals)* Ralf Jaschob (guitars)* Jrgen Hegner (guitars)At the beginning, the band wrote and performed guitar-heavy instrumental music. In 1992 the band dedicated itself to art- & bombastic rock. Debut album: „On the Edge of the World“ (1995)Keyboards and drums were still programmed by the founder members of the band at the time. For a while the band worked with various guest musicians/lead singers. In 1998 Frank Khlerjoined the band on keyboards. In 2000 Yenz became the lead singer of the band as well. More albums followed:* Demon in You (2001)* Psychedelic Sleep (2003)* Through the Years (2005)* Acoustic Years ( 2006)* Reset (2010)* Pure (2012)* The System of Events (2013)The band received world-wide recognition and positive reviews with the release of the compilation album „Through the Years“ in 2005.In 2011 guitarist Nils Conrad and drummer Frank Brennekam joined the band. Work in this formation proved very creative and harmonious and lead to a acoustic tour with several live-gigs from 2011 until spring 2012.

The band supported well-known German progressive-rock-band „RPWL“ as well. During the summer of 2013 Crystal Palace were taken under contract by the German label „Gentle Art of Music”. Well-known artists such as Colin Edwin (Porcupine Tree), Kalle Wallner and Yogi Lang(RPWL) guested on the band’s album „The System of Events“, which received rave reviews in various magazines. For instance: RockHard :…„The System Of Events“, the best progressive-rock album of the year so far. “Rock It :…„Amongst the many prog-records, that thankfully are thrown into the marketplace these days, The System Of Events stands out for me. “Metal Hammer :…“In summary: No disc for neurotic hectics, but an album full of harmony for the connoisseur “Eclipsed :“Finally Germany has a new entry in the sparsely occupied league of ambitious art rock. “In August 2014 Frank Brennekam left the band due to health reasons and was succeeded Bytom Ronney. Current line-up:* Nils Conrad, guitars* Frank Khler, keyboards* Tom Ronney, drums* Yenz – vocals, bass guitar. In their songs the band describe personal experiences as well general events in the world. The band is also not afraid to make political statements on occasion and give an opinion to the odd state of things. The band’s sound is characterized by melodic passages and instrumentally worked-out themes that entice the listener to sink into their own imaginative ideas in an enjoyable musical experience.

This is achieved by carefully matched guitar and keyboard sounds. For any music fan with a sense for harmoniously balanced phrasing the band’s work is a musical experience second to none. The band is currently working on a new album. All fans of progressive rock can look forward to what this band will come up with. The band’s upcoming live performances will delight you for sure.


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