Alarion is a spectacular new musical project from The Netherlands, by guitarist Bas Willemsen. Their debut album ‘Waves of Destruction’ It is an album to be reckoned with: containing one hour of melodic, symphonic and intense music.

‘Waves of Destruction’ displays the diversity of Alarion’s music. For each listener, there will be a different part of the album that stands out: be it heavy and fast, or acoustic and mellow, a short track or a 10+ minutes long epic, male or female vocals. Throughout all the tracks on the album, the listener will discover the scope of the sound that is Alarion.

Alarion is a project by Dutch guitarist Bas Willemsen. Whether it concerns producing the album, writing songs, recording guitars, bass or keyboards, selecting guest musicians, conceiving artwork or anything else concerning the project, Bas is at the start and finish of all that is Alarion. Driven by his vision of Alarion’s sound, Bas set out to create and release the album ‘Waves of Destruction’. The album was to be something special: with some of Bas’ favorite musicians.

Bas is especially attracted to music with melody and diversity. This includes classical symphonies, folk, jazz, instrumental guitar music and many kinds of rock and metal: particularly progressive rock and metal from the 1970s to this day. The music of Alarion is therefore influenced by a wide variety of artists


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