Huis (“home doors” in french, and “house” in dutch) is a five member musical project officially formed by Pascal Lapierre and Michel Joncas at the end of 2009, after an oustanding and inspiring trip in the Netherlands.

At that time, they decided to put on tape (read hard drive!) some ideas they had in mind since a long time. Over time, three other talented musicians, William Régnier, Sylvain Descôteaux and Michel St-Père, joined the band, each one bringing a special touch to Huis’ sound.

In 2014, the band released his first album, Despite Guardian Angels.

After receiving rave reviews for Despite Guardian Angels, the group began to work on the second album, Neither in Heaven, released in April 2016.

In the fall of 2014, keyboardist and founding member, Pascal Lapierre, had to leave for family reasons. Benoît Dupuis (Mystery) came replace him temporarily for the following months. In October 2015, Johnny Maz officially joined the band as keyboardist.

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