Wet Rabbit


Hungarian project Wet Rabbit is the creative vehicle of composer and musician Zoltán Sóstai. He made his debut under this moniker with the album ‘Of Clocks and Clouds’ towards the end of 2015, a concept album inspired by the works of Austrian-British philosopher and professor Karl Popper.

The ‘concept’ explores some implications of Popper’s essay, especially implications of fallibilism, indeterminism and of ‘plastic control’. It tries to focus on the human side of these implications. Some problems explored are the problem of free will, the conspiracy theory of ignorance, or how ‘the problem of other minds’ and ‘the explanatory gap’ could be solved with a fallibilist perspective.

The concept builds on Popper’s essay as the starting point for the concept because its upshot is that as humans we are not cogwheels masked as clouds, not machines who are actually determined by hidden cogwheels but quite the other way round. We are more like clouds, persons who actually have free will. We’re not perfect clouds but if the world is not entirely determined then it’s not determined: we have the capacity to be free.

Of course there are no perfect clocks in the universe either but at the extreme there are some who really want to be cogwheels determined and justified by instructions from without. These are the people that want be robots, although they can’t be entirely determined even if they want to be.

The general problem situation ‘Of Clocks and Clouds’ aims to explore is how it feels like to live in a world where this type of deterministic thinking is the received view. Of course the main point would be to emphasize that it must not be so.

Album: https://wetrabbit.bandcamp.com

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1nCT5avGHGA


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