NOVATIA is the latest musical endeavour of seasoned musicians Joep Selen, Ingmar Kops, Joost Lobbes, Fabian van Dijk and Rindert Bul. Taking their name from the Latin verb “novate”, which means taking something old and replacing it with something new and improved, it should be no mistake what NOVATIA is all about. Combining influences from everything ranging from jazz, funk and pop, NOVATIA has created their own eclectic blend of rock music. At times spherical and progressive, at times grooving and funky. Sometimes dark and brooding, sometimes light and ambient, but always immediately recognisable as NOVATIA.

Improvisation is key in creating the sound of NOVATIA. It allows the band to collectively search for the right atmosphere before turning ideas into songs. The songs of NOVATIA focus on telling a story, supported by arrangements that allow each instrument to play its respective role within the context of the message and emotions the song aims to convey.

In 2015, NOVATIA recorded their debut EP “Remind you of yourself”. In the studio, the band relies on classic recording techniques. By recording the tracks in one take with all members present in the recording room and without click track, NOVATIA managed to capture the mood and dynamics of their songs and to give the recordings their distinctive live feel.

As of September 2015, NOVATIA will take their music to a live setting. Expect a band that is dedicated to bring all the energy and creativity from their debut on to the stage. Expect a band that is not afraid to improvise and take risks. Expect a band that is dead set on bringing across the emotions of the song to the audience. And most of all: expect to be reminded of yourself!


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