Last Flight To Pluto


Last Flight To Pluto is a UK based, female fronted modern progressive rock band. They have a modern approach to progressive music, whilst maintaining an old school vibe, thanks to an eclectic list of influences amongst the band members. The band features vocalist/guitarist Alice Freya, Drummer Daz Joseph, Guitarists Jack Parry and Ryan Barnard and Bass player Jay Lewis Kreft. Prior to the formation of the band, they had all known each other from playing in various other bands which crossed paths occasionally and also some mutual friendships. Since its inception, the band has most notably performed at DANFEST, held at the Musician Venue in Leicester and also at TRINITY III, held at London’s Islington Assembly hall. The band was also the subject of PROG magazine’s ‘Limelight’ full page feature in June’16. Featuring some excellent and visually striking Artwork, this album follows on from the 2015 Album ‘See you at the End’, which has gathered some rave reviews since its release.

Alice Freya From the band says:
‘We’re really excited about the new album and can’t wait for our fans to hear it. We think it’s a perfect illustration of how the band has developed in the time between the two albums, whilst always retaining our band manifesto of ‘Modern prog with an old school vibe’. ‘Coverland’ is an excellent introduction to what can be expected from the new album and we hope everyone enjoys!’

‘A Drop in the Ocean’ was recorded at Oakwood Church studios in South Wales under the stewardship of Nick Lloyd. During the recording process, it was felt that the track ‘Masheena’ needed something, and the band turned to Drummer Daz Joseph’s former EZRA counterpart and MAGENTA founder Rob Reed for some inspirational keyboard work. After hearing the finished song, Reed was so impressed that he asked to hear the rest of the album and has since become more involved with the bands development, signing the band to his own label, White Knight Records.

Live shows are also being planned, and you can expect to see more about the band’s upcoming activities in PROG magazine. Indeed, PROG editor Jerry Ewing has marked the band in a recent Podcast as ‘Ones to watch’. The band are excited to see what comes next, they are delighted with the new album and feel it is a strong follow-up to their first album, something which often seems to elude many other bands!

Last Flight to Pluto can be contacted via Facebook & Twitter.

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