Murky Red


MURKY RED was formed in 2010 by Stef and Yolanda Flaming, and for the next year or so a settled line-up crystallized after the often customary comings and goings of band members in a formative phase. The first year was a learning process and a search for an own identity, and it became clear that not all members shared the same vision. But with the coming of Patrick Dujardin, who seemed to be the missing link, the combination worked and the Murky Red identity began to grow. Marie Van Camp joined the band to enforce the sound with backing vocals and small percussion. Inspired by Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, The Doors, Fleetwood Mac, David Gilmour, Mark Knopfler, the songs became more complex and intense and it gave them the unique edge that defines the band’s sound.

One of the new songs, “Galadriel” became a turning point. People started to really notice them. By the end of 2011 they wrote the song ‘On New Year’s Day’, which got them signed with the record label ‘Melodic Revolution Records’, based in Orlando, Florida, USA. Nick Katona, CEO of the label, describes their genre as heavy melodic rock. As soon as they had cemented their line-up they hit the studio, and towards the end of 2012 their debut album Time Doesn’t Matter was released through Melodic Revolution Records.

When their style changed more towards prog rock, the band felt again that not every member was on the same line. So in the beginning of 2014 the line-up changed again. In January Rene Marteaux replaced Joery Masson on drums, and in February Luk Lantin replaced Tom Kockelmans on bass.

In general you could describe the style of this band as one that by and large is Pink Floyd influenced. Dark, melancholic guitar textures combined with longing, light toned guitar soloing in warm, organic arrangements. Subtle but clever use of keyboards. They do venture out into slightly psychedelic oriented waters at times though, coming across as a band much closer to The Doors actually, but the deep-timbered vocals and distinct delivery of Stef Flaming are just as much responsible for that association as the instrument part of the arrangements. Murky Red will also take on a harder edged expression at times, such as Boots For Hire (name-dropping Black Sabbath as an influence).

What sets this band apart from many others exploring similar waters is the emphasis they have on the blues though. There’s a firm emphasis on blues oriented musical details through and through, and by the string based instruments in particular. One might say that Murky Red is a Pink Floyd inspired band that have opted to replace the cosmic instrument details with the blues. So it’s not a surprise that fans of late 70’s Pink Floyd appear to be something of a key audience, especially those who tend to enjoy the darker side of this universally well known band and in particular if they also have a certain affection for the good, old blues.

Their songs are written with an originality and a remarkable diversity. “We’re not in the business of writing the same song over and over and over”, Stef says. Mixing elements of classic rock, blues, prog rock, metal and more, Murky Red has earned a passionate fanbase that continues to grow as the band itself evolves.

Review in the “October Münsteraner Bote”: “We think that Murky Red has a great future ahead. These guys reinvented rock. Fantastic sound, great rough vocals and wonderful melodic guitar solos”.

Andy J. Bradford, DJ on AiiRadio: “Their songs are fresh and familiar at the same time, with absolutely addictive melodies. After playing their tracks many times I’ve noticing that my favorite track keeps changing”. Chris, host of Progtology 101, agrees: “Of all the new entries in the charts I dig this band the most. Coming in on number 2 with ‘Boots for hire’ they show the most promise, delivering a grungy, filthy sounding version of Pink Floyd/Black Sabbath. It’s bad ass music. Murky Red kill!”

Murky Red are now in the process of writing songs for their next album, of which the release has been foreseen in autumn 2014. Gigs are being planned in Germany and Belgium, and plans are in the make for France.


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