Introducing Cees Nooij

Since a long time I’ve been enjoying music. From when I was about 14 I always had a Walkman with me. Through the eighties (my teen years) it was quite standard (popular) stuff. In the nineties (when cassette tapes became cd’s), Pop, (Hard)Rock and even soul became more heavy music with several different genres of metal, Trash, NWOBHM, AOR, Power and standard heavy of course.

Before the end of the millennium I widened my horizon and got into the Progressive metal and rock. And it still is my favorite genre.

I discovered in the 00’s (when walkman became mp3-player) I’m also a big fan of Rock opera’s and concept albums. Maybe even my biggest love.

Nowadays (when music is streamed from the Internet) I’m glad I have the oppertunity to share the music I like on ISKC Rock Radio every last Monday of the month.

I hope listeners will enjoy it with me.

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