Conspiracy of Seven

Conspiracy of Seven

Conspiracy of Seven is a Symphonic Powermetal band from Axel (NL).
Our first project is called “The Legacy”, wich is inspired on a book
called “De Zevensprong”.
Translated in powerfull music, awesome guitar riffs, excellent
drumwork, melodic keys, passionate vocals and kicking bass,
Conspiracy of Seven tells a modern version of the story.
A little theatrical show element is the cherry on top!

Band members:
James “The Dragonslayer” – Guitar and vocals
Wilma “The Allseeing eye” – Vocals
Kevin “The Silent Horseman” – Bass
Samantha “The Alchemist” – Keys
Colin “The Sorcerer” – Guitar
Eddy “Alter Ego” – Drums

Conspiracy of Seven is a band you must see, hear,
but especially EXPERIENCE !!!
A spectacular show that just drags you into the story…

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Conspiracy of Seven

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