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Playlist Prog Files:
Week 14

Album of the Week:
The Steve Bonino Project – Stargazer 2

A song of the album will be aired 68 times this week on ISKC Rock Radio
(Paris time Odd Hours, 1st Song in the new hour)

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On ISKC Rock Radio we start the week every Monday with new and recently added songs in our section “Albums In The Spotlight“.


Welcome to ISKC Rock Radio, Old Men’s Rock, Only Live, Radioactive, Blues Café and Hard Rock Channel:

On a daily bases we are selecting the most interesting music to listen to.

On ISKC Rock Radio there is a lot to discover. Every week the database is expanded with new Prog and new Bands. If you manage your own Prog band, please contact us for air time. In addition we have unique daily program called “The Prog Files“. All weekday shows are made by different producers. They deliver the every day fresh Prog music. (Air time: every weekday from 9PM – 11PM (CET).

On ISKC Old Men’s Rock we go back in time with Old Bands & Classic Rock
On ISKC Only Live we air 24/7 only Live Rock music.
On ISKC RadioActive you discover rare Rock and meet bands you have never heard.
On ISKC Blues Cafe we are always searching for unique old and new Blues songs.
On ISKC Hardrock Channel we are airing: Hardrock, Stoner, Heavy Metal, Heavy Psych, AOR, Southern Rock,  Punk, Ska-Punk and Garage.

For Progressive and Symphonic Rock, we invite you to listen to ISKC Rock Radio.
For Old Bands & Classic Rock, we invite you to listen to ISKC Old Men’s Rock
For Live Rock Music, we invite you to listen to ISKC Only Live.
For Rare Rock Music, we invite you to listen to ISKC RadioActive.
For Unique Blues Songs, we invite you to listen to ISKC Blues Cafe.
For Loud Music, we invite you to listen to ISKC Hardrock Channel

To keep up to date, please visit our Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/ISKCWebradio

Some important links:
Streaming link ISKC Rock Radio: https://www.iskcrocks.com/rock.m3u
Streaming Link ISKC Old Men’s Rock: https://www.iskcrocks.com/omr.m3u
Streaming Link ISKC Only Live: https://www.iskcrocks.com/live.m3u
Streaming Link ISKC RadioActive: https://www.iskcrocks.com/RA.m3u
Streaming Link ISKC Blues Cafe: https://www.iskcrocks.com/bluescafe.m3u
Streaming Link ISKC Hardrock Channel: https://www.iskcrocks.com/hardrock.m3u

Chat Room: Click Here
Contact us: rock@iskcrocks.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ISKCWebradio

Download App for listening with a mobile device:
Go to the App store or Google Play. Search for ISKC and download the APP of your choice.
Nobex: http://www.nobexrc.com/Download.aspx

In addition you can listen to us by:
Apple TV
and many directories…..

Enjoy listening …..

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